Travel (Diptych)

This small Diptych is as letters written back from a place of  'away-ness' and are determined to be as open to interpretation as possible.

In this case the text, which is sectioned travel writing sampled like music, reads 

Thousand of miles from anyone who... 

you have the illusion your past is lighter... 

Unlike most he doesn't seem to get lonely or miss creature comforts... 

Dangerously you may come to feel invulnerable.

Perhaps of some further interest are the notes from the reverse side, usually added during the making and aesthetic consideration phases of the studio process. In this case one finds the three following texts written independently of each other;

[the dust that fell off this came from Seoul] ever, it occurs to me that all I am doing is telling these stories.

It's like hoping to be understood.

Travel (diptych)

Travel (diptych)