Tidal Flat

This is a symbolic representation of the mood of the tidal flats along the Dampier Peninsula. Each day the sea recedes to reveal vast expanses of land.

Depending on the proximity of the moon, King tidal changes can affect up to twelve metres and different kind of life is revealed.

There is also a special feeling of transience as it is necessary to be gone before the tides rush back.

It's like the Earth is breathing.

On reverse side text includes:

“Oblivion Seekers”

“No bad blood between us”

This image is a good example of the deletion of underpainting. Initially it was contained a great deal of vigorous detail, most especially in the floodplain area.

Gradually, it became clear to me that it was about the light and we are left with the edge of the distant scarp casting shadows back in our direction and the top of the foremost tree, with those objects in heavily abstracted and distilled form, and the sunlight spilling toward us.

Tidal Flat

950mm H x 840mm W

Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas