These Questions Need Answers

A circle of carefully selected good friends can be helpful and encouraging. 

In this case I remember that at times we were being pretty serious, having this conversation about being able to achieve authentic encounters with others, not having to deal with a surplus of undirected hostility. About living in a world full of constructive alliances and people who felt safe and optimistic in the face of change. I was writing down the snippets of the conversation as it happened directly onto the work I was making. 

This motif later evolved to became a tool of captioning like one would see in Manga, Visual Novels, and Comics. It honoured how much writing was happening behind the scenes to inform the production of a cohesive body of works and the various lines of visual enquiry.   

We were discussing the possibility of living with no fear of evolution or the future,... but I also remember that we were also having so much fun that we were almost falling off our chairs.

Wolfgang had hand made a table for the kitchen, sanding and laquering a slab of Jarrah until it shone a rich deep brown. Rowena was smoking hand rolled cigarettes and I was visually facsinated by her gestures and the way her thin freckled skin and fingernails fell into the space between us, our glasses, and the items on the table.

These Questions Need Answers