These series of drawings are about ownership, improvement, human frailty, interference, and loss...


Drawing for 'Perdu'

280mm H x 300mm W

Graphite on paper

The Garden at Carey Street with cats on a Winters Afternoon

320 mm H x 230 mm W

Graphite & Mixed Media on Paper 

Perdu / Lost (Work in Progress)

Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas 1992-94

Perdu /  Lost (Final)

Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas 1994

The Rainbow

...Wagtails dip like teenagers' dinghys mid Summer and flashing fish scales...

...all crisp and...the Garden

The Rainbow

330mm H x 250mm W

Mixed Media on Arches Paper (1997)

Collection: Judy Hughes


This is a sketch from a very early period where I was intuitively drawing images of concepts concerning the natural world and in this case channeling a sort of an animistic spirit who caused the rain, or perhaps looked through or out of it with a kind of nondescript omniscient benevolence.

Drawing is a really important component of Arts practice, and it is surprising to find how often a major image comes from a really simple idea captured as such a 'notation.'


100mm H x 70mm W

Conte, Charcoal, Pen, & Pencil on Paper

Rainbow Warrior Plan

These early simple small sketches were made as a notation in a pocket book during a train journey. They depict the primary source idea for a sculptural drawing made of wire on the lower section, and  an idea for a ceramics based work on the upper section...



Rainbow Warrior Plan

100mm H x 70mm W

Graphite Pencil on Notepaper

Drawing For 'Passenger'

I met a lot of dickheads along the way, but I also met some people who were totally on-side.

This is a story about being able to take the passenger seat for a while and still know you are safe.

Drawing for 'Passenger'  240mm H x 180mm W  Graphite on Paper

Drawing for 'Passenger'

240mm H x 180mm W

Graphite on Paper