(Notes from visual diary)

‘Camouflage’ and ‘white birds’ written directly onto canvas.

Fisher type bird rides rising stick tree in foreground over tan coloured water over tree and brush coloured banks. Yellow and red Weeping Willow on RHS goes out to sea. Lonely palm (date) on LHS demonstrates translucence. Red pinnacle-like spire/dolmen/lighthouse and rocky breakwater back LHS. Starting green experiments.

Crackle type effects at front of rivers’ swirl goes deeply to sea. Raised waves and recedes clouds with depths going out three ways.

Study for Rivermouth


1000mm H x 673mm W

Acrylic, Oil, and Mixed Media on Canvas

Collection – Wolfgang and Rowena Reusse

Work in Progress, Dongarra, 1997

River mouth at Dongarra, Western Australia