interferenceThis is one of several images I made of the same place. Sometimes it seems you are chasing after something that is completely elusive, or that you are prevented from being able to reach through all the interference. 

This image is one of several made as the result of a period of intense drawing near Bridgetown and some heartfelt consideration of an essay about “The Role of I,” which speaks about changing opinions concerning “our own self image as impotent bystander,” (one who sees but does not effect.). Also, that the egoistic concept of the distinction between 'in here' and 'out there' is possibly erroneous.

It is a very healthy thing to try on different viewpoints and to study and seek to understand new ways of thinking about the same thing, and to perhaps be able to shake off the limitations of our older perspectives.

Being a painter is a great way to engage with such questions, simply because there are often long moments of relative stillness and creative processing that naturally promote deeper modes of thought and consideration.

Carefully looking at the natural world can be so useful and instructive too, for example a discarded Cicada exoskeleton might clearly lead one on to consider letting go of an outdated paradigm.

At this time I had started to look at parts of the landscape as iconic or pictographic. For example, I wanted to distil various tree shapes into repeatable pictographs or symbols like an early alphabet, and the same with rivers and water. Some of these field notes appear in the foreground of the images as does the breaking down of real elements into more abstracted and 'voiced' marks.

Interference - work in progress

594mm H x 841mm W

Mixed Media on sealed Arches Reeves paper