French Village from the Mountains.

I have always been influenced by music in a relatively indirect ways, such as using it to control the energy of the working space in line with the progressive stages of completion.

I had made the studies for this scene as I came through this mountain pass and was later developing the final piece from them in the studio. It happened that I was listening to 'The Four Seasons' by the Italian Baroque musical composer Antonio Vivaldi. 

It was the first time that a soundscape entered into what I was doing in an immediate and complete sense and furthermore contributed directly to the completion process. Those descending Virtuouso violins came through that pass along with my brushes, like Partisans.

In terms of methodology, I tried to maintain both the simplification of marks in the original drawing, and a clear sense of space and visually restful areas.

French Village from the Mountains

900mm H x 575mm W

Oil on Canvas