Entanglement was made in a fishing village on the East Coast of Korea as part of a group of images concerning the culture and activities surrounding the harvest of sea creatures.

This group of drawings and prints, also including 'Repeating Patterns,' 'Kajami,' 'Zen Arrows,' and 'Kiss of the Lotus' were used to allegorically discuss aspects of life that seem to occur repeatedly.

I found myself needing to incorporate printmaking techniques using items purchased at the local fish markets, for which I needed a studio space.

I took a room in an inexpensive 'love hotel' and made these works on the linoleum floor, dried the prints, then later developed them further into mixed media works, most of which were later sold. I remember thinking how crazy everything would have looked had anyone visited that room during the studio process, and how difficult it would have been to explain in a foreign language.

The viewer may notice the use of stamps of the mailing kind alongside a handmade stamp of the more traditional kind seen on Asian artworks. These are an indication of my intention to gather and communicate information, almost like the written works or letters of a visitor, whilst referring respectfully to older and established artistic traditions.


Kajami 1 (work in progress)

Kajami 2 (work in progress)

Kiss Of The Lotus