This smaller study of a Shorescape most particularly deals with the rapid exchanges of Energy commonly encountered in that environment, especially when the day is windy.

It shows thick priming technique where even the raised surface lines of that underprime are drawn into play. This is similar to etching, with the hollowed areas taking the ink and the raised areas reading as clean, so here reversed, to have the raised areas reading as coloured, such as in a rubbing, to texturally underpin the drawn elements.

There is a visually clear viewer entry point into a depiction of the deeper ocean responding to the bays and the sky, which have been enhanced to create an overall feel of 'spin and flick.' 

The shore grasses flex away from those actions, as if wanting to turn the page.


210mm H x 300mm W

Mixed Media on Primed Arches Reeves Paper. 1997